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Frisbee golf birthdays

Frisbee golf birthdays

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Frisbee golf themed birthdays in mind? 

Frisbee birthdays, which are especially popular among the younger population, can serve as the highlight of the day or as part of the birthday celebration activities. The program and duration can always be customized separately, and the price also depends on these and the number of participants.

Below are some suggestions for birthday content:

  • Instruction in the basic techniques of frisbee golf according to skill level
  • 6-18 fairway round with the birthday party while guiding them in playing
  • The Mystery of the Missing Frisbee Items: the birthday party gets to look for frisbee treasures hidden in the terrain in advance with the help of a map and clues. 
  • There is an option to include in the birthday package new frisbee golf products. You can see the available products in the online store or you can also inquire about them.
  • A little gift for the birthday hero is always included in the package on behalf of Frisbeekouts


You can submit inquiries and requests for offers about birthdays contact form through!