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Lauri Lehtonen

Lauri joined the Frisbeekouts coaching team in the summer of 2022. He has a master's degree in education and has a long experience in Frisbee golf also on the competition fields. Together, these create a great combination for sharing coaching knowledge. 

"I have been playing the sport for about 10 years and have played in the games for six years. My strengths as a coach are, of course, a long background in the sport as well as pedagogical guidance and expertise. 

As a director or teacher, I have worked with different target groups of different ages, from preschool age to adults and the older population. I also get along with different people and people of different ages excellently. In addition, I feel that I am an approachable and positive person who is well suited for this job.

In terms of the game, my best area of expertise is the palm or fore throw."

-Lauri Lehtonen


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