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Why coaching or guidance is a top thing + summer snow

What is the benefit of guidance, a coach or a teacher in general in learning a skill?

Summer 2021 has kept Koutsi busy and the weather has warmed up to us freebies. The number of enthusiasts seems to have continued to grow, and frisbee golf is a great sport even in this time of corona. In my calendar, the increase in the number of enthusiasts has mostly been shown in red, which means there have been quite a few free times. However, free time can be found again on the horizon!


Why come to coaching?


This is a question we often discuss with my clients. Almost without exception, the majority of customers are very satisfied with the tips they receive, whether it's learning the very basics or perhaps honing the technique of a more experienced player. It's great to get messages from clients after a while of coaching and hear about their progress and enthusiasm. Sometimes you also meet them at the games, and some of the coaches have booed Koutsi when they came. I personally always experience this as a positive thing and on the other hand also as a result of successful coaching!


Today, the Internet is full of various instructional videos, where people from hobbyists to pro players show and go through the secrets of throwing techniques. This is extremely good for the sport, and many people have found these instructional videos when reading the forums. It is extremely important to learn the right principles and trajectories right from the start in terms of continuation and development. The things taught in the videos are almost always completely correct and nicely explained. 

However, what is often left to be exhausted from watching videos compared to live contact teaching?


The hobbyist watches the video and heads to the field to practice, trying to do things like in the video. In some cases, he manages to punch into his body the movements and trajectories that are important in throwing. However, if you train alone, it is almost necessary to film your own throw, and this allows you to face the challenges of training by yourself. 

You throw, you go to watch the video and you realize that maybe something still went wrong. You go to try again, maybe with a slightly different kind of puck and come back again to see if the performance went well. When we perform, they always feel like something. "Now I think I succeeded in doing the move correctly". When viewed on video, they often look very different from what we just felt. In addition, this method is quite slow and laborious.

In steering, koutsi is there just for you or for you. If necessary, he gives feedback immediately after each throw. What was successful or what could be done better next? In addition, training pucks have several of the same pucks, with which you can try the exact same throw again without changing the throw angle or power of the puck. Compared to watching instructional videos and practicing on your own, this is a big advantage that should be carefully considered. 

Getting immediate feedback and a conversational and open atmosphere make contact teaching the best possible way to learn better. Of course, this does not remove the fact that after the training session you have to practice the things you have learned again. In guidance, the aim is to push the client in the right direction with his technique, so that he can practice more in his own time and thereby develop as a thrower.

For throwers who have started the sport, getting into guidance is certainly the best thing to invest in, in addition to a few discs. When the technology is accessed right from the start, it can be steered in the right direction right away. After years of throwing with a slightly inadequate technique, it is already considerably more challenging to fix the movement. Of course, that can be done, but it takes time.

Frisbee summer is at its hottest, so let's enjoy it to the fullest!